LANCASTER name, can be traced back to 17th-century, with the English
watchmaker Edward Higgins.
He was an apprentice of Christian Huygens, the great Dutch mathematician
and horologist often credited with the invention of the balance spring, one
of the most important creations in the development of the watch. 
Huygens passed his Geneva-based business on Higgins, who renamed it LANCASTER (his home-town) and became known throughout Europe for the quality of his watches.
To this day, LANCASTER founders has re-established the Brand, taking
inspiration from Higgins’ work, naming the brand as his ancient business.
Since 1992 LANCASTER is an independent brand that produce innovative and sophisticated reliable timepieces in contemporary design for its fans and loyal consumers. LANCASTER’s mission has been always providing “exceptional accessories at affordable prices” making the world of watches accessible to a larger audience.
Always thinking that “customers are the focus of our activities”, in this first 25th Anniversary, we have been moving forward in international markets, launching unique and excellent watches.
Today, according to dynamic and ambitious trend-setters, LANCASTER is
certainly one of the world’s accessible watch brand able to offer and always
guarantee high quality components and Italian modern design.
Following our credo, we are developing every day, new timepieces with  
great design, workmanship and quality.

LANCASTER & LANCASTER ITALY is a registered trademark licensed to GPA SRL - VIA ROBERTO DA BARI, 120/BIS - 70122 BARI (ITALY)
E-mail: info@gpalancaster.com Phone: +39 080 5245541 - VAT NO. - IT07155130722