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Lancaster’s history began in 17th (1650-1670) thanks to Edward Higgins, an english watchmaker.

Edward was working for Christian Huygens, an important mathematician and watchmaker, who invented the roller spring, one of the most important inventions in watchmaking. 

After years, Huygens left his work to Higgins, who called his watch LANCASTER, the city where he was born, and he became famous all over Europe because of the quality of his watches.


Today, Lancaster is an indipendent brand in the world of watchmaking and one of the most important watch manifacturer; its main product are sofisticated, reliable and modern. 

Lancaster’s mission is to propose original watches, with a strong appeal to Italy and a CONVENIENT price; the main purpose is to offer products with high quality, and AFFORDABLE price that make Lancaster everyone’s brand.

Lancaster brand, thanks to Giovine’s Family’s efforts reborn and renovate during these last 30 years; today Lancaster proposes watches more and more modern and refined , even taking inspiration fron its history and tradition.

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